Islamic Exclusivity

Plots facing Mecca will be Exclusive to Muslims. Limited plots are at the same price as others, with Muslims great respect for recognition of Jesus, this whole area of the Hillside is devoted exclusively to Muslims.


Whence 100 plots have been booked and paid for. A carved Horse will stand proudly atop the crescent in honour of Buraq, also in honour of Husayn and his Horse.

Please join us on this journey reflecting that Horse has been one with mankind throughout the dawn of History and in every national religion and reverence. To this, we today will honour our Horses in Peril and give to them their true sentient rights to water, grass, a valley to graze and a honourable end to their life.

Membership Choices

Choice One :-

Scattering Licence
Membership £5 per month.
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Choice Two :-

Give a years membership - £60.00
Unlimited Visits - We Welcome You

Choice Three :-

Buy a Tree :-
Common Tree - £20.00
Extra Special Tree - £50.00
Extra Extra Special Tree - £75.00
Extra Extra Extra Special Tree - £100.00

A Tree will live for 100 years, it is worth spending an hour
to plant it properly – Thank You - Send £10.00 donation to receive a list of beautiful and unusual trees.

Choice Four :-

Burial Plot – Upper Hillside
2 Square Metre - £3,500
4 Square Metres - £7,000
6 Square Metres - £10,050
8 Square Metres - £13,000
10 Square Metres - £16,000


2014 Great War Horse Years 2018