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Horses In Peril

Charitable huge undertakings are humanely demanded in this present climate of high profile concern for Horse. Horse is the creature most close to mankind in mental and physical condition. Apes are similar and shaped like mankind but do not inhabit the planet in all its varying temperate climates. Horse and ape share the mental approach to life which mankind has disregarded as the forefront of all thoughts.  Which is PEACE.

Peaceful existence is what they enjoy and promote and abide by every day. Even in the misery
that is imposed by mankind that is cruelty without compassion, horse suffers in silence.  Where
in this world can we find such grace and muscle by gentleness confined? It is therefore
cannibalism to eat horse with the excuse that they are shaped like Cow, Sheep or Buffalo.

The Horse Sanctuary (Tettenhall) is 38 years old.

Significantly, this charity has spent the last 15 years in hibernation from the necessary world of
high profile aggressive fundraising.  Whilst Tough Guy® has been developing on the pastures.

Its charitable nature has remained constant and its services to the Police and Public for active service in strays and disasters has never waned.  It has been mostly supported by Tough Guy® fundraising and generosity from the long term established database of its original supporters.

2012  Horses in peril became significant as large numbers of unwanted horses were being offered
to the Horse Sanctuary. A proposal was formulated that our location here in the heart of the Midlands was the ideal centre to set up a collection depot where unwanted horses could be taken
in, assessed for suitability to be of service for riding or companionship.  A home for life is guaranteed.  We never put a healthy, peaceful horse to sleep, we never sell donkeys or horses.
This is why it is of utmost importance that this opportunity now promoted by Billy Wilson, Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary should be supported by everyone.

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Horses Chained Up

Help Us Help Them

Help Us Resuce Horses for Underpriviledged, Disabled and Unfortunates.

Horses are our flesh and blood.

Without them, we would not be here.

They have won all wars.

They have produced all food.

We owe them.

It is cannibalism to eat them.

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