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Horses Belong In The Black Country

RSPCA and Police are wrong, MP’s are misinformed, and local authorities are crazy.
Tethering Horses is lawful it needs proper management. RSPCA are paid by donations to perform that management. Police are law enforcement Officers.

Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary has managed and received great respect from the Black Country Horse owners for 30 years free of charge to all with grateful donations. Until Local Authorities decided to throw rate payers money at the situation, to kill these Horses following months of cruelty.
National Charities advertise in National Newspapers all begging from Britain £200 million each year stating “Help Us To Help Horses, Donkeys and their owners in Nicarague, Egypt, Asia, Everywhere except Britain!”

They advertise daily in newspapers in truth they are investment bankers employing highly paid executives to manage money not horses.

Law on tethering 1988 legislation
David Amess MP with full cross party support, introduced the tethering act correctly managed, this act gives horses a good life and helps to school the Horse to perfect manners.

A Horse will stand in a shaft, stand on a lead, stand with a hobble weight quite contentedly as they did when humans could not do without their strength.

Black Country Horse people are special with hidden treasures, inner qualities, below the surface. To show the true qualities of Horse, to turn around our nation of misfit kids whose hobbies become devilment leading to mischief and crime.

Our politicians have gone blind they only see the opportunity to disagree with their opposition colour. Just to stand and look at realities to qualities of bettering everyday life and agree the obvious would bring the rewards we all seek which are within our grasp not beyond our reach.
In 2011, Dudley Council and Dudley Police asked me to a meeting to resolve the stray Horse problem.

They had set aside £40,000. This was the first time that money was offered for transport and rehab. The Police woman who came with the Council Official took the Council Official to one side and offered to do the job (privately), thus they decided to spend on capturing tethered Horses to no hope destinations.

In 1986, I was asked to resolve they stray Horse and fly grazing problems. I arranged a meeting with the then Chair of Animal Welfare Cllr Neal Docherty. I brought all of the Horse owners to Wolverhampton Civic Centre for a discussion meeting.

The Council agreed to provide land for grazing, the Black Country Horse owners agreed to fence it and keep it tidy.

The Council went back on its promise the Ethnic minority of Horse owners have been seriously decried and demeaned.

In 1951 Local Councils of Bilston, Tipton, Walsall, West Bromwich Asked the travelling Horse population to settle from their itinerate life and to move into Council Houses.

The Horse Drawn Caravan Dwellers agreed, they were granted that they could tether their Horses where they could see them.

That pledge has been broken over and over.

In 1989 The Horse Tethering act was made law in Parliament. RSPCA will state that this is not the law.

No Policeman anywhere knows about the law.
It is not wrong to tether a Horse, the management and care are to be looked at by Police and RSPCA who have the funds donated to do this job.

Horse has a place in our rural and urban economy. I have written 2 solutions. Horse can play a really useful life in helping get kids safely off streets and the life of wild leading to soft crimes.

At present in Britain there are several thousands of unwanted Horses, Ponies and Donkeys because the cost of keeping them on even simple grazing is beyond the level of income.
England is the greatest giver of Charity cash in the whole world.

Enough money is donated each year to care for every domesticated animal whether Horse, Dog, Cat.

Simply look at the accounts of the Charities sitting on huge piles of money, look at the Executive salaries they pay their multi level high income staff.

Look at the money spent on advertising for more to outdo each other for the Charitable quid. While thousands of animals are hungry, dishevelled and abused.

The animal Charities find it easy to produce
words on paper.