Worst Types

During the last few years we reported that there is a huge increase in horses in horrendous captivity which has increased the calls to our helpline. The worst of all are the back garden ponies like the one above, behind a posh house. They have no exercise and have permanent diarrhoea without proper forage.

Small Paddocks,
Sheds & Bunkers

Some of the horses are found in very small paddocks which are churned to mud swamps, most of them are surrounded by the evil of barbed wire with no grass at all.

Help For Hopeless Horses

24/7 Police Calls

Mr Mouse Horse Rescue team have worked with Police with Horse Rescue 24 hour service for a full 38 years of unblemished devotion to Horse of every kind.

The Horse Resuce Team are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Police Calls come in regularly to ask us to Help Horses.

Apology for Distressing Pictures

We apologise for the upset to you in publishing just a few of the pictures we take of the calls to help hidden and forgotten Horses chained to the most appalling inhospitable areas.

These are just some of the hundreds of abandoned street Horses we have taken in and helped over the past 30 years. Today there is a National Crisis with money shortage for keep. The abandoned and unwanted is a pitful disaster for the noble creature horse. You can help!!

Read Through Our Site

We need support from the Public to help us take in all the thousands of Unwanted /Discarded Horses.

We aim to help and care for all the Calls and Emails we receive regarding mistreated /abandoned horses.

Here at our Estate August We are poised to open Hope For Helpless Horses. Read about our Solutions and what we plan to acheive. We need support from you via Gifting to help us be able to Help the Hopeless Horses. August 4th 2014, 100 years since The Great War Horse started.

Where in this wide world, is there a place where those who have lost a loved one can visit to find Peace?

We have built and are currently expanding our on-site Peace Garden where you can come and visit whenever you will.