Peace Garden

Extend 100 Yards

10,000 trees are being planted in honor of Centenary of The Great War Horse, to create a magical walkway of all year round greenery, birds haven, wildlife and ecological growth. Water Features, grottos of religious prayer stops, herbaceous borders and copses, remembrance stones and tree dedications.

The Holy Spirit

All cremations are invited to scatter ashes or to deposit ashes of loved ones in permanent memory beneath a tree or as underground sparkle to a newly dedicated tree.

This act of forever remembrance invites the
spirit of the human body deceased to stay with the Peace and tranquillity, to evermore enjoy the magnificent views in this Valley of Kings and Beautiful Dreams.


100 MILLION years ago the Valley was a great river. 1000 years ago the Valley was owned by King Edward the Confessor who gave it in title to Westminster Abbey who thence leased it for life back to the crown and courtiers. 100 years ago, Plough Horses were conscripted to be The Great War Horse.

Westminster Abbey owned it until 1938. Then it came to the family Roberts. In 1973 Charles Cooper an industrialist philanthropic man commenced planting woodland. In 1991, Charles Cooper sold back to Roberts, Wilson family who have followed the tradition of planting thousands of trees and opening up wild fowl wetlands and water worlds fish gardens.

Peace Garden

Peace Garden

Where is there a place where those who have lost a loved one can visit to find peace from the ravages  of sorrow and grief? 

Although we all fear death as so final a happening, to those who have died it is peace.  Peace from whatever their suffering was or peace from an aged body. So a peace garden created to be beautiful, where a few words engraved on a stone can connect those who have gone with those who are still in this wondrous world, is a place of natural desire.

Where butterflies can fluff & flitter in peace.  Where fishes and wildfowl can meander.  Where birds can find winter food and summer peace.  Where you are welcome to just take a restful seat and reflect of all the good times you have shared. We have created the Peace Garden and welcome you as a member, you will be able to enter at any time that you are in need of solace and space from your regular world.

Just take a look up into the night sky and view the awesomeness of the Heavens and you will know that here we have created a place for God and you to connect.

Peace Garden

I Billy Wilson (Mr. Mouse) was inspired by a Japanese Peace Garden in Cornwall, following my beginnings of keeping memory stones of my great advisors and friends.

It was only when visiting Compton Hospice that I came upon the vision of it being a ‘Christian’ All Colours All Creeds Peace Garden, showing the wonderful parts of Jesus’s life caring for others as he wished the world to be – all smiles.

We are open for you to see the progress and enjoy some of the scriptures already dedicated. We are happy to tell you of the plans going forward and the history of this old manor of Perton. We do require an appointment for personal service.  Once you have joined, you will be free to visit whenever you will.

Personal tours are available (to include tea). Cost of memory stones quote on request.

Your help through Gifting will be very appreciated.

This will help us to maintain the Peace Garden and Expand. Your Gifting will allow you to visit whenever you will.
You can then follow the progress of the Peace Garden and its surroundings.