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Horses In Peril

Here at our Estate
- We are poised to open Help For Horse Happiness LTD.

We propose to open our doors to every unwanted Horse.  (Horse is an Exmoor plural word for Equine).

Each Horse will receive a full assessment. Aperiod of time to graze freely and relax as sentient Creature Rights.

If the Horse and its habits have not been spoiled by illiterate handling, Horse will be assessed for petting or Trekking in its new life.

  • If the Horse is mentally unstable and unsuitable, it will be given a period of enjoyable Horse herd company. Then to be humanely euthanased, cremated and its remains returned to the Soil.

Weight Shed©

Social Engineering Entrepreneur(s)
This is a not for profit venture on Social Engineering Enterprise. This WeightShed© programme crosses several borders of grant availability.

  1. Unemployed – Countryside freedomic training in husbandry handy crafts, car making mechanics, carpentry and joinery for the great out of work masses.

  2. Kids Off the Street – Again it is our proven record over 30 years that bringing dysfunctional kids into Countryside, Donkey befriending, creates the Bridge to help them to desire joining society with full membership.

  3. NHS Relief – Our obesity relief diet and exercise programmes will reduce NHS spending by 50%.

  4. Sports England – Our Tough Guy® Obstacle Courses are addictive and great started programmes for all Sports.

  5. World War 1 Centenary  - Our plan is to open 100 WeightShed© centres in 100 Inner City Areas, once this is established then we can easily look to 500 centres.  With local entrepreneurs who are socially motivated not greed for profit.

  6. Horses & Ponies – this will provide the ongoing homes and social benefit acclimatisation for 5000 unwanted Horses.

  7. Hope for Horses – 100  Year Story – As my writings of 1997 show we can hope to reintroduce Horse as the greatest Social Hobby which has sadly been neglected in the 100 years since the first World War.

  8. Schools Curriculum- We will campaign to bring Horse Education to be part of National School Curriculumn. That Horse becomes part of everyones Social life

  9. Help For Horse Great War Horse - 100 Years ago Horse was transport, strength and companionship, help us achieve this again.

  10. Blue Print Model – We have opened the first WeightShed© Club Venture here as announced in our Local Newspaper – Enquiries are slow but that is good as I am unwinding from other busy life commitments.


We have full plans completed and ready for Planning Permission Approval for a new human crematorium.

Following the satisfaction of the Council and Local Area to the new provisions of cremating with full modern facilities which do not have emissions (smoking chimney).

I am working on a woodland surrounded site on our land 1000 metres away for the large animal cremator. 

It will be available for other dearly loved Horses which will attract many Horse Lovers. It will be a not for profit social enterprise.

To do this:-

  • * We need a fund of £500,000
  • * Help with marketing
  • * A list of Horse Sympathy Journalists
  • * A BBC appeal week
  • * A Management Committee
  • * A Mission Statement Oath, i.e...

“With my hand on my heart I swear to uphold and promote the greatness of Horse patience, its strength by gentleness contained, it’s grace so laced with muscle not for aggression, nor anger, nor bitterness, nor cussedness, nor drudgery, nor envy, nor greed, but to teach to all mankind the true symbol of Peace in Our Time – Grass, Water and Space to graze as a sufficiency.

Help Hopeless Horses

Hope Steps Out
To Arrive Here