Photo Gallery

These are just some of the Photo's of Unwanted/Discarded Horse that we have helped and took in to rehibilitate over the past 38 years.

With the help of you and the public, we will take in every Unwated Horse in Britian with the following Pledge :-

Thousands Of Reported
Unwanted/Discarded Horses.

We will take them all in for grazing goodness.

We will provide for Sponsored Retirements.

We will lovingly rehabilitate the Hopefuls.

We will tenderly euthanase the Hopeless.

Hope For Horses

help for horse

help for horse

hope for horses

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Sally Did Recover

hope for horses
Eric Left 17 Years Alone

hope for horses
Lonely Car Garage

help for horses
Neglected and Helpless

Hope For Horses
Slashed By Vandal

Road Accident

Chained By Rubbish Dump

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Hope For Horses
Smashed Leg

Horses Help
Bodmin Mares Ears Slashed

Help Horses
Lonely, Cold Tethered

Hope For Helpless Horses
Saved By Our Fireside

Hope For Helpless Horses
Bleak Winter Tethers

Hope For Helpless HorsesNothing To Eat And Starving

We apologise for the upset to you in publishing just a few of the pictures we take of the calls to help hidden and forgotten Horses chained to the most appalling inhospitable areas.