Horse Calls From Police

The Pledge

Thousands Of Reported
Unwanted/Discarded Horses.

We will take them all in for grazing goodness.

We will provide for Sponsored Retirements.

We will lovingly rehabilitate the Hopefuls.

We will tenderly euthanase the Hopeless.

Hope For Helpless Horse

Hope For Helpless Horses

This website is now being loaded with distressing pictures of the hundreds of Stories of hope we have brought to thousands of Horses on our watch since 1978.

Mr Mouse internationally known for creating Tough Guy® Obstacle Running fundraising. Little know that 38 years ago AKA Billy Wilson, created the very first Horse Sanctuary, as his passion for Horses selfless contribution to our peaceful satisfactory lives.

Now Mr Mouse has created the way forward to help every unwanted Horse in Britain.
This ambition is now reality and is designed to bring Horse back as a desirable Social service contribution to educate Wayward Boys & Girls, to help overweight families fight the flab, to join Run Tough Guy® with Horse Befriending in 100 Inner Cities to alleviate the difficult ladder out of the gutter to useful and addictive employment.

2014 Centenary War On Greed 2018

Sally Taken In and Rehabilitated


Horse Left For Dead





















Eric his Grandfather Ran In the Derby, Eric was Demoted

Death Is Destiny

We will Trance their minds to Beautiful Dreams.
We will despatch their bodies back to God’s earth. We will prayer their souls to Horses heaven. Do not be afraid. It is a pleasure of unspoken goodness, a relief from worldly imposed misery hopelessness.

Death gives equality, we all melt into one great mass of comfortable love. Love is such a wonderful world of higher giving.

No creature is higher giving than our Ever Faithful Horses. Love is to pledge to give to devote and never falter ones love, there is nothing more lovingly, patient and wondrous